The Model

We value possibility.

The BLI model is a series of industry specific master classes on business and leadership using a curriculum that is delivered by subject matter experts.  At the program core we work with participants focusing on their capability to build and sustain a financially healthy enterprise for quality early learning by:

Master classes are held once a month for four months from 9am – 1pm.  The sessions are facilitated by leading subject matter experts from the local business sector.  Instructors interweave real world experience with best business practices scaled for this particular industry.  Subject matter includes financial literacy, competitive marketing, human resources, real estate, negotiation skills and other subjects for success.

Participants deconstruct and reconstruct their business alongside a select group of their peers.  Graduate participants serve as BLI “peer” mentors and work together with individual mentees to coach them through the process of writing a formal business plan.

Each session is followed by a homework session where participants work as a group and with their mentors to complete a formal business plan.

The BLI is further supported by agencies such as SCORE, SBDC, and HBIF who also work with our graduates to execute on their business plan with the help of a business consultant.  All participants receive CEU’s for their participation.

Participant Comments

I really would like to Thank everyone involved, The Business and Leadership Institute for Early Learning gave me the tools to turn my Vision and Dreams into a Reality! And I am so very thankful for what I have learned, it is priceless. Thanks for letting me share my experiences.
- Tracey Moreno, 2016 Graduate

The BLI has provided me with the skills and knowledge to make a living, by making a difference within my community. Being in this program has opened my eyes to the big picture of Early Childhood Education, and my goal is to continue to empower and inspire individuals to advocate for Early Childhood Education.
- Elizabeth Presume, 2016 graduate

The BLI program has helped me to take control of my business, to make it as best as it can be with a great wealth of knowledge and resources. I was able to network with professionals in and outside my line of work that would have been very difficult to do so otherwise. A big thank you to Debbie Wasserman Shultz, Wells Fargo and FIU because without them this would not have been possible. Thank you!
- Tiffany Romero, 2016 Graduate

“The answer lies in changing the way you think about the problem.” – Bernard Roth, The Achievement Habit